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The Olde Charleston Collection features absolutely stunning floors with rough textured look, which harmonizes beautifully with any décor, from rustic to modern.

All with something special – the warm history of our True Reclaimed Heart Pine, what you see are the character marks from many years of heavy use from another life. No two planks or floors will ever look alike - The unique charm of the Wormy Chestnut, the hearth tones of Hickory or the nostalgic history of our American classics – White Oak, Hard Maple & American Walnut. Nothing fake, nothing artificial! What you see are the individual characteristics that only nature can provide. Olde Charleston will surely turn your home into a natural heaven.

  OC5512RER/OC7512RER   OC7512RCB   OC7512WSM   OC7519LW  
  Espresso Roast Oak   Carbonized Red Oak   Smoked White Oak   Leathered Walnut  
  OC7520GT   OC5521VM/OC7521VM   OC128GC/OC7528GC   OC5529WC/OC7529WC  
  Genuine Teak   Vermont Country Maple   Australian Golden Cypress   Down Under Wormy Chestnut  
  OC7530BF   OC7530CB   OC5530HH/OC7530HH   OC5530TH/OC7530TH  
  Beachfront Hickory   Carbonized Hickory   Hazelnut Hickory   Tobacco Hickory  
  True Reclaimed Heart Pine              




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