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Bring a taste all Manhattan to your home with our New Manhattan collection. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional interior designs, the Manhattan Collection is an exciting new flooring concept from Ua Floors.

5 1/2inch wide, with micro beveled edges creates a highly attractive plank flooring. Manhattan is easy to care for and keep clean, giving you enduring beauty for many years to come. The rich colours and sheer beauty will delight your family, impress your friends and enhance your home for many years.

  MH55EW-BB-Bowery Oak Brown   MH55EW-CG-helsea Oak Gray   MH55EW-TC-Tribeca Oak Cream   MH5519-LW-Lenox Walnut Leather  
  Bowery Oak Brown   Chelsea Oak Gray   Tribeca Oak Cream   Lenox Walnut Leather  
  MH5521-AG-Astoria Maple Gray   MH5530-NB-Nolita Hickory Brown   MH5530-SB-Soho Hickory Brown   MH5530-NT-NoMad Hickory Tan  
  Astoria Maple Gray   Nolita Hickory Brown   Soho Hickory Brown   NoMad Hickory Tan  
  MH5531-Hudson Heart Pine   Flatiron Oak Gray   Flatiron Oak Gray      
  Hudson Heart Pine   Flatiron Oak Gray   Gramercy Park Gray      




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