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Ua Floors® manufactures all of its flooring under the strictest quality control. You will find our flooring to be milled very exactingly with very few defects compared to industry standards. We hope you will enjoy your new floor for many years to come!

Wood floors are a natural product, hardwood flooring will continue to expand and contract through heating and non-heating seasons. Properly installed hardwood floors may consequently experience some separation between the boards at different times during the year. If such separations do occur, they are not covered by this Warranty.

It is important to maintain relative indoor humidity as constant as possible (between 45% and 55% for solid hardwood flooring, and 40-65% for multi-layer engineered flooring). Use a humidifier or dehumidifier, as appropriate. Indoor temperature should range between 18 and 22° C.

Who this warranty covers:
This residential warranty covers the original buyer/installation site owner when the flooring is installed in residential environments, meaning single family homes, duplexes, apartments, townhouses, etc. Commercial environments, including but not limited to stores, offices, clubs, and short term residences, such as hotel rooms, rental cabins, etc. are not covered under this warranty. Please see our separate commercial warranty for coverage in these situations. This warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners.

What this warranty covers:
This warranty covers all Ua Floors engineered wood flooring crafted after July 1, 2003 and purchased from a Ua Floors Authorized Dealer in the USA or Canada.
Outs, seconds, “tavern grade”, or factory specials sold “as is” are all excluded from this warranty.


Please Download Our Limited Residential / Commercial Warranty Document and read it carefully. You can choose to register your warranty via Mail(marketing@uafloors.com) or FAX(1-886-5-5515567) or register online..  
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