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Ua Floors® is renowned for high quality, precision-milled engineered flooring at the leading edge of fashion. All Ua products are sold only through Authorized Ua Distributors and Retailers. To be qualified as an Authorized Ua Retailer, a store must have a current Ua Floors display, maintain an updated sample selection and offer a full customer service. To place great value on every partnership that it has developed over the last 20 years and their affiliates as well, Ua Flooring is not sold over the internet.

Trademark, packages, photos of product and/or data contained in Ua website are copyrighted by Ua Floors, and cannot be distributed, modified or used in other website without the prior, handwritten and signed consent of Ua Floors. Without a licensing agreement, Ua reserves its right to remove any unauthorized use of Ua copyrights on the internet.

Why is Ua Floors Not Sold Over the Internet?

Warranty: In order for the warranty to be valid, an Authorized Ua Retailer must provide first quality flooring products backed by Ua Floors standard limited warranties. After you purchase the flooring, an authorized Ua retailer or distributor is always there to help you carry out any needed repairs. It is however difficult to find a responsible person while dealing with internet companies. Before making decision to purchase a Ua Floors from an internet site, please note that Ua Floors will not honor any warranty claim for any product purchased over the internet, nor will we accept any returns for any such products.

Service: When you buy Ua hardwood flooring, you get the benefit of unparalleled service, both at the point of sale and beyond. Ua¡¦s network of authorized dealers is made up of experts in the sale and installation of hardwood flooring. They walk you through the purchasing process and will provide technical support right in your area if you need it. Their personalized service is never more than a quick phone call away.

Technical support: The dealers in our network will help you choose the type of flooring that¡¦s right for you. They are up-to-date on current trends and will ensure that you make the best choice to fit your lifestyle and the look you want.

A specialty purchase: Hardwood flooring is not a commodity product, like a paint or tissue paper. You use your hardwood flooring every day, and it is an investment that will raise the value of your home for years to come. Buying your hardwood flooring from a reputable dealer is your assurance that the people who sell, install, and service your floor are experienced, well-trained professionals.

Installation: Authorized Ua Floors dealers will arrange for your floor to be installed by an experienced, well-trained professional who will minimize waste, provide the look and finishing touches you are seeking, and make sure it is installed safely and for your prolonged enjoyment. Entrusting your floor to an untrained technician can compromise its final appearance and your own safety!

Shipping issues: If you buy your hardwood floor over the Internet, you will be responsible for checking that the delivered product is not damaged or warped, which is not always easy for the inexperienced. If the product turns out to be damaged and you claim a replacement, the shipping company may reject the claim and try to prove that it is not responsible. You are in for a lot of delays, irritation, and extra costs!

Remember, your Authorized Ua Floors Retailer carries first-quality, Ua-warranted flooring products, offers superior service before and after the sales. If you are looking for a reliable Ua dealer to supply you Ua-warranted flooring, please give ua a call at 888-685-8577 USA and +886-5-5515757. We will direct you quickly to either distributors or retailers in your area.

By choosing Ua Floors, you get the peace of mind you deserve. Our guarantee to you is the excellence of our products and service!  

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